Citizen Emergency Information Resources

Citizen Information Resources
Office of Emergency Management, Albemarle County

September is Emergency Preparedness Month!  Ms. Allison Farole of the Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle County Emergency Communications Center will give a presentation on Emergency Preparedness at 7PM on Wednesday September 24th at Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet.  

  • Learn about Personal Preparedness
  •  Learn about our Local Hazards
  •  Discuss Personal safety
  •  See how to build an emergency kit
  •  Having a family plan
  •  Developing a Communication Plan

Additional details on the event flyer, click here to get it.

Community Emergency Alert

Get the PDF flyer of this information by clicking here.

You can register to receive phone messages, text messages and e-mail messages in case of emergency.  The system is TTY/TDD compatible.
Register at

  * Weather Warnings (Severe thunderstorm, Tornado, Flooding / Flash flooding, Winter storm)
  * Major Events (Evacuation order, Shelter-in-place order, Gas leak, Boil water advisory, Amber
alert / missing person alert)
  * Other (Community events with road closures, Major traffic disruption)
The Office of Emergency Management can be reached at 971-1263 or 970-1798 (8:30 AM-5:00 PM) if you need help with registration for any reason (e.g., no computer, no e-mail, problems with the registration form, etc.).

Social Media
The Emergency Communications Center has social media tools to help the community be aware of daily interruptions, such as road closure due to accidents.
  * Twitter – Follow #CommEmerg on Twitter ( )
  * Facebook – Like the Charlottesville, UVA, Albemarle County Emergency Communications Center page on Facebook ( )

Traditional Media
  * Local television (if you have power)
  * Radio stations
  * Print media

The 979-INFO (979-4636) telephone line may be activated to provide the support during emergencies or situations in which there is a heavy call volume from the public.

  * Community emergency page (
  * Virginia Department of Emergency Management (
  * Ready Virginia (
  * FEMA’s Ready Website (
  * Red Cross (

Mobile Applications
For those with smart phones, there are many emergency applications you can download to get information before, during and after an emergency.
  * Ready Virginia app
  * VDOT 511
  * Red Cross (First Aid, Hurricane, Earthquake, etc.)
  * Various weather apps

November 2013 (From the Albemarle County Office of Emergency Management)