Meet the Candidates: Crozet Town Hall Forum Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7:00 PM The Field School Gymnasium (1408 Crozet Avenue)

The forum is open to all, but parking space at The Field School is limited. Overflow parking will be available across the street in the Crozet Elementary School parking lot.

The forum will be moderated by Dori Zook, award-winning journalist and anchor/reporter for news radio WINA

Question and answer (Q&A) format with the following candidates have agreed to attend:
* Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in the White Hall District two candidates: Ann Mallek and Brad Rykal
* Albemarle County School Board in the White Hall District two candidates: Rebecca Berlin and Joann McDermid
* Albemarle County School Board At-Large two candidates: Meg Bryce and Allison Spillman.

The forum will be filmed and recorded by the Crozet Gazette and posted to their YouTube channel. (Video of the forum is available by clicking here.)

The forum is sponsored by the Crozet Leadership Team:
Cory Farm – Steve Walsworth
Foothill Crossing – Laura Bartlett and Ron Wade
Foxchase – Matthew Watson
Grayrock – Elizabeth Foreman and Troy Lane
Orchard Acres – Tonya Hicks
Park Lane – Kyle Hara and Isaiah Behnke
Stonegate – Joan Fadden
Western Ridge – Kimberly Gale and Kacie Miller
Westlake – Bill O’Malley, Rashmi Ghei, Carol Fairborn

Other details of the forum:

A timekeeper will be in front of the candidates to alert them of their remaining answer time, and there will be an audio setup with microphones for the candidates.

Staging: The candidates will sit at the front of the room facing the audience. The moderator will sit at a table with her back to the audience. Panelists will flank her on either side, as they sort the questions from the audience being careful not to present repetitive questions.

Event management: The moderator will speak to the attendees as the event begins and explain our rules and why they’re important. No reactions from attendees will be allowed, including clapping, shouting, holding signs, or other interruptions. We will have volunteers stationed throughout the room to enforce this policy. We will have an Albemarle County Police officer present in the room.

Questions: The questions asked of candidates will be derived from two sources. One source is the Crozet Leadership Team panelists— each panelist will ask one question per topic, directly to the candidates on topics germane to the role for which the candidates are running. The second will be a mix of questions submitted to the Crozet Leadership team from the Crozet community and questions taken directly from the audience in the room. First priority will be given to the questions submitted by the audience and second priority to the questions submitted in advance.

Format: Each candidate may make a 2-minute opening statement. During the questioning segment, candidates will have 1 minute to respond. Questions will be posed to all candidates, alternating between them as to who answers first. At no point will candidates field questions directly from the audience during the forum, though we do invite them to stay for a bit after the event to mingle with voters if they’d like. With this format we hope to be able get through 8 general topics, If we can keep within our time limits. Each candidate may make a 1-minute closing statement. Topics will be provided to the candidates at least one week prior to the event.