2023 May 11 CCA meeting minutes 

Crozet Community Association (CCA) Minutes of the
May 11, 2023 meeting
Claudius Crozet Park Community Building
(aka old WPED radio building)

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Welcome: Tim Tolson welcome six people present and called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor?
None were given

Approval of the CCA’s last meeting’s minutes (January 12, 2023)
        (The March 9, 2023 meeting was not held because no one attended.)

Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report –  (2023 Dues: Still just $10 annual contribution!)
       CCA: $3,949.51; CIDC: $25.26; TOTAL: $3,974.77
(Payment of $68.48 (CCA) credit card and $9,000 (CIDC) deposit for fireworks .)

Tim said that we have only 10 paid members of CCA this year.  He explained that the purpose of CCA is provide a forum for citizens to gather to receive and discuss information that can result in us, together and individually, taking effective action to improve our community.

Albemarle County Police Department (ACPD) visited and give an update. (Evening Patrol Division-Officer Jordan S. DeLange and Officer N. Weather, and Officer Matt Riley.

They answered questions from those present, including departmental vacancies are being filled but it takes awhile to get an officer trained; the sector they patrol is 8,190 square miles so patience is required if it’s a non-emergency.  Officers are spread thin, often with only one officer covering 190 square miles of Albemarle County at any given time.  Nonetheless, they can usually reach life and death emergency situations within 5 minutes of receiving the call.   Officer DeLange left business cards with his personal cell phone number for emergency calls.

Presentation: Charlottesville Free Clinic: An open door to health care (Susan Sherman, the Executive Director of the Charlottesville Free Clinic)

Presentation about the excellent health care services of the Charlottesville Free Clinic for both indigent patients and those whose income is too great to received Medicaid but not enough to provide health care, as well as our fellow citizens who have lost their homes due to health problems and expenses, or financial setbacks.  She presented photographs and stories of people they help, and information about the top-quality services, equipment, and resources they have to offer for free.  They are a non-profit organization, assisted by the freely volunteered services of over 500 healthcare professionals from dental assistants to oral maxillofacial surgeons.  It is a highly sought intern rotation for doctors because they get direct exposure to community-based health care.  They are adding additional capacity for mental health services.

Update and News from Ann Mallek, our county supervisor

Supervisor Mallek reminded us of the importance of attending the 7pm, May 24th meeting at Brownsville Elementary School, where there will be an information/question/answer session regarding the status of the round-about at the 240/250/680 intersection.

She gave updates on county projects and general discussion was made about several concerns.

She solicited questions and there was further discussions.

Old  Business:

  • Tim gave an update on possible Architecture School project to create design(s) for old Acme Visible Records. We’ve met with a professor in the UVA Architecture School who is willing to have a semester long class about possible uses of the old Acme Visible Records property.   We are contacting the Wilson Group that owns the property to see if the students can visit the property at the to start.
  • Crozet Independence Day Celebration, Saturday, July 1, 2023!
    • Planning has started, deposit on fireworks made! Event will be at Crozet Park again this year.
      Volunteers needed to help with planning and putting on the event.
    • Donations for fireworks – www.gofund.me/56597ad9.
    • Discussion about the Independence Day fireworks display, and how the skyrocketing fireworks prices this year have created a difficult situation between raising funds for this year and funds to make the necessary deposit for next year’s fireworks display. Tim Tolson was able to find a new vendor this for significantly less money than the dramatically raised prices of the previous long-standing vendor. Donations are badly lacking, sought vigorously, and gratefully accepted. Donations for the fireworks are tax-deductible as they go to the Crozet Board of Trade.

New Business:

Announcements –  

Future Agenda Items?
–  None offered.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 PM

Minutes prepared by Tim Tolson, with help from the notes of Pablo Miller and Ann Mallek.   (Because the secretary has an injured right hand that prevents her from taking notes.)

These minutes of the May 11, 2023 meeting will be reviewed, revised as necessary,
and approved at the September 14, 2023 meeting.

The next CCA meeting is September 14, 2023 at 7:30 PM  

CCA meetings are at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months
(except July).

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These minutes of this May 11, 2023 meeting will be reviewed, revised as necessary,
and approved at the September 14, 2023 meeting.