Police report from Crozet Safety Corps

We have another report of an adult male peeping into a window of a home in Crozet’s Park Road/ Brookwood neighborhood.  This person was described as a white male peeping into a bedroom window between 9:30 and 10 p.m. last night.
We suggest you close curtains or blinds of ground level windows and doors with see through panes.  Solid doors should have peep holes installed that allow you to see who is at the door before you open it.  Motion detector lights are also a great deterrent to trespassers.  If you spot someone lurking around your home trying to peep into a window, call 911 immediately.  We do not suggest you chase or confront the intruder but observe as much as you can from the safety of your dwelling.  The police need good descriptions as to body features, clothes and a good estimate of height, weight, and age.  And last, but not least, please lock your cars and homes.              From the Crozet Safety Corps,  May 22, 2014

VDOT Update: Flooding closes numerous secondary roads


Small streams have risen over the roadways; motorists should use extreme caution

RELEASE:  IMMEDIATE   May 16, 2014    10:30 a.m. UPDATE
CONTACT:   Lou Hatter, 540-829-7537 (office)    540-717-2890 (cell)

CULPEPER — Dozens of secondary roads in the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Culpeper District are closed this morning due to high water. All nine counties are affected, from Fauquier south through Albemarle and a total of 78 are reported closed at this hour. The numbers and areas affected will change through the day as streams near the mountains begin to recede and the floodwaters surge into streams and rivers to the east. Motorists should check VDOT’s traffic information web site, www.511Virginia.org, for the latest information on road closures and weather conditions.

All interstate and primary highways are open in the Culpeper District. Motorists driving west on Interstate 66 should be aware that the westbound lanes are closed due to a tractor-trailer crash at milepost 11 in Warren County. A detour has been established but there are significant delays and drivers should use alternate routes.

Motorists should use extreme caution while driving on secondary roads near streams and rivers today. The water is still rising in some locations, and even when the water begins to recede there may be unseen damage to the pavement underneath the water.
VDOT crews are monitoring the secondary roads across the region and closing them as necessary. Once the water level drops crews will inspect the roads for damage and reopen them when it is safe to do so. VDOT urges that motorists remember:

  • Never drive through water flowing across a road. It takes only six to 12 inches of water to float a small vehicle.
  • Never drive around barricades. Remember, the road has been closed for your safety.
  • Turn around, don’t drown.
  • Slow down when driving through standing water. Driving too fast through water could cause loss of control due to hydroplaning.
  • Avoid flood-prone areas, especially along creeks and other low-lying areas.
  • If a flash flood warning is broadcast, seek high ground immediately.
  • Watch for debris on the roadway. If you encounter a fallen power line, do not try to move the line.

Drivers can check VDOT’s traffic information web site, www.511Virginia.org, for information on the road closures as well as real-time road and weather conditions, live traffic camera images for many major highways, including Interstate 64, I-66 and Routes 29 and 250 in Central Virginia.

Motorists can call 511 from any telephone in Virginia for road and traffic conditions on all major highways in the state.

Call 800-367-7623 24 hours a day to report highway-related problems or request information about Virginia’s highways.

News from ACPD – May 14, 2014

From Albemarle County Police Department (ACPD) Officer A.J. Gluba (Crime Prevention Specialist)

Call for service of concern the Crozet area.
On 5/13/2014 at approximately 0010 hours, officers responded to XXXX Park Rd. in Crozet for the report of a prowler. Complainant said she was lying on the couch with her husband watching television. When she looked out the window and saw a white male figure standing in her window she alerted her husband to the male figure in the window. Her husband ran out the door to attempt to locate the peeping tom but was unsuccessful in locating anyone.
A canvass of the neighborhood to try to locate a suspect was completed. There was no collectible evidence at the scene nor was a suspect located.

Another call for service in Crozet area.

There have been several attempted entries into homes in communities in the Crozet area reported. Please be on the lookout for anything suspicious and report any thing that you see out of the ordinary to the Albemarle County Police by dialing 911 or the non-emergency line at 434.977.9041.
The Case:
Around 2pm on Monday, May 5, a lady was in her home and heard someone trying to open her front door with a key. When she opened the door the lady said “Terry told me that no one would be home.” The key was on an ARMY lanyard. The woman at the door was medium-height, about 5’6” African-American and was wearing a WAHS tee-shirt, sweat pants and Crocs. Her age is estimated to be late 40’s or early 50’s. She was driving a black Nissan Hatchback with the license plate AEN 1358. Apparently there is something called “key bumping” which is when someone uses a random key and a hammer to try and unlock and open doors. One report of the woman said that she looked “mildly disheveled.”

Update from Ashley Fitch on May 14
“Thanks to everyone working together, the police were able to catch up with the suspicious lady.  After speaking with the lady, the officer in charge does not believe that she is a threat.  She is confused and thinks that she is looking for houses that are for sale, (even when they are not).  The police are reaching out to her family, so that they may assist this lady, so, hopefully, you will not see her driving around anymore.  If you do see her driving around, you do not need to contact the police.  If, however, she tries to enter our home, please contact the police.
The police were very appreciative of everyone’s efforts, so that they were able to catch up with this lady to speak with her."


Agenda for CCAC meeting for May 15, 2014


The Meadows Community Center, Crozet (5735 Meadows Dr.)
Thursday, May 15, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Agenda                                                                   Click here for PDF Version

1. Agenda Review. (Meg Holden – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes from April 17, 2014 meeting.

3. Project Updates/Information:
     * Library updates –– Bill Schrader.
     * Streetscape issues – if there are any.
     * Update on the Rutherford Hotel in Old Trail
     * Crozet Safety Corps update –– Jim Crosby
     * Crozet Independence Celebration –– Mike Marshall/Tim Tolson
     * Discussion of Downtown development (Barnes Lumber Property) as it relates to information presented at April meeting.
        – Click here for email with county comments 
        – Click here for information summary on CCA website
        – See below for instructions on viewing proposal and county staff responses in CountyView

4. Open discussion/brainstorming regarding ideas for future commercial development in Crozet and what types of businesses we would like to see.

5. Items not listed on the agenda

6. Announcements.

7. Future Agenda Items.


To find out about any project or proposal submitted to Albemarle County for review and approval, you can visit Albemarle County's "CountyView" website.   For example, for the Barnes Lumber property proposal by Frank Stoner, to access the proposal and county staff's review and recommendations to date you would do the following

  1. Go to: http://countyviewweb.albemarle.org/
  2. Click on the box that says: “View Selected Planning Application”
  3. Make sure the “Search By:” box says: “Web Planning Application Number”.
  4. In the PL Application Application Number Is exactly: box type:   SP201400001
  5. And click on the green “Go” button.
  6. Use the “Navigation” bar on right of the resulting screens to look at the documents submitted, reviewers comments and approvals, etc. For example, if you click on the “Reviews” box. and scroll down, you can click on each reviewer name, and scroll the webpage down to see what they wrote and download any document they included. 
  7. The PDF the CCAC got from Ms. Claudette Grant two months ago is under her name as a document download.


CCA Meeting Agenda, May 8, 2014

Crozet Community Meeting
May 8, 2014
7:30PM at the Field School

(Click here for PDF version of the agenda)

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor.
Approval of the CCA’a last meeting's minutes (March 13, 2014) (Click here for draft of March 13 minutes)
Treasurer's Report by Emery Taylor  ($10 family contribution for 2014 now payable)
A Moment in Crozet History (Phil James)

Drop-in visit from Albemarle County Police officers (Evening Patrol Division) As part of the Albemarle County Police department community policing.

Presentations:  Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP) update on Orchard Acres and available grants for Orchard Acres home improvements (Joyce Dudek, Associate Director of Community Development and Ravi Respeto, Development Director)

The  new Crime Prevention Watch neighborhood sign program, Crozet Safety Corp (Jim Crosby and Tom Loach

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Take the Virginia Broadband (Internet access) Survey

Virginia Broadband (Internet access) Survey

In an effort to determine how high-speed broadband Internet access might be extended to under served parts of Albemarle County, a Broadband Task Force was established in October 2013. Among the action items identified by the Broadband Task Force is the need to identify and analyze demand. To that end, a survey has been created for citizens to weigh-in on their broadband desires.

It is critical that all county residents and business owners, particularly those in rural areas, participate in the survey in order to establish important baseline data.  

The survey is available on-line at  www.wired.virginia.gov/broadband/broadband-survey

If you do not have a readily available Internet access, please go to the Crozet Library and use one of their FREE public computers to take the survey. You are the persons they need to hear from the most!


Rutherfoord Hotel in Old Trail

The Crozet Gazette in its August 2014 issue reported "the project to build a 58-room hotel on an undeveloped site adjoining The Lodge at Old Trail collapsed in July when the bank that had agreed to loan a portion of the building costs revised its terms." 

On the Board of Supervisors (BOS) Consent agenda item on April 2, 2014  was a request for a special exception for Rutherfoord Hotel near the Lodge at Old Trail. Click here  to view or download the PDF file of the location, drawings of the hotel exterior and exception request.

The May issue of the Crozet Gazette has a complete story on the new hotel in Crozet community.  Click here to read it.


Update on old Acme Visible Record Property – 16 April 2014

April 16, 2014

Hello everyone,

I am writing to provide you with a brief update on the demolition activities at the Acme Visible Records site in Crozet.  Despite winter’s best efforts to delay the project, the building demolition of the main manufacturing facility and former credit union building at the site was completed on March 28th, 2014.   Additionally, the former carpentry building was demolished. As you may recall, the original plan had been to keep it, but there ended up being significant roof, structural, and infrastructure issues with this building. Repair costs were astronomical as compared to the building value.  The building would have been more of a liability in a potential sale, than an asset.

The final remediation strategy development as required by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program remains on schedule as discussed at our November Community meeting. We are working closely with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to advance the project toward completion. The goal remains to have the property ready for productive use in 2016.

As always, please contact me should you have any additional questions.

All the best,


Sarah Huddle, APR
Partner, Albright Group
804.788.4485 (o)
804.248.0489 (c)