News from ACPD – May 14, 2014

From Albemarle County Police Department (ACPD) Officer A.J. Gluba (Crime Prevention Specialist)

Call for service of concern the Crozet area.
On 5/13/2014 at approximately 0010 hours, officers responded to XXXX Park Rd. in Crozet for the report of a prowler. Complainant said she was lying on the couch with her husband watching television. When she looked out the window and saw a white male figure standing in her window she alerted her husband to the male figure in the window. Her husband ran out the door to attempt to locate the peeping tom but was unsuccessful in locating anyone.
A canvass of the neighborhood to try to locate a suspect was completed. There was no collectible evidence at the scene nor was a suspect located.

Another call for service in Crozet area.

There have been several attempted entries into homes in communities in the Crozet area reported. Please be on the lookout for anything suspicious and report any thing that you see out of the ordinary to the Albemarle County Police by dialing 911 or the non-emergency line at 434.977.9041.
The Case:
Around 2pm on Monday, May 5, a lady was in her home and heard someone trying to open her front door with a key. When she opened the door the lady said “Terry told me that no one would be home.” The key was on an ARMY lanyard. The woman at the door was medium-height, about 5’6” African-American and was wearing a WAHS tee-shirt, sweat pants and Crocs. Her age is estimated to be late 40’s or early 50’s. She was driving a black Nissan Hatchback with the license plate AEN 1358. Apparently there is something called “key bumping” which is when someone uses a random key and a hammer to try and unlock and open doors. One report of the woman said that she looked “mildly disheveled.”

Update from Ashley Fitch on May 14
“Thanks to everyone working together, the police were able to catch up with the suspicious lady.  After speaking with the lady, the officer in charge does not believe that she is a threat.  She is confused and thinks that she is looking for houses that are for sale, (even when they are not).  The police are reaching out to her family, so that they may assist this lady, so, hopefully, you will not see her driving around anymore.  If you do see her driving around, you do not need to contact the police.  If, however, she tries to enter our home, please contact the police.
The police were very appreciative of everyone’s efforts, so that they were able to catch up with this lady to speak with her."