2013 September 12 CCA Meeting Minutes

Crozet Community Association (CCA) Minutes

September 12, 2013 at 7:30 PM
(As approved at November 14, 2013 meeting)
The Field School Auditorium

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Welcome:  Tim Tolson welcomed the 36 members in attendance.

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor:  There were no changes or additions to the agenda.

Approval of the CCA’s last meeting's minutes (May 9, 2013):  The minutes were approved as sent by e-mail.

Treasurer's Report by Emery Taylor:  He reported a balance in the checking account of $9,265.59.  A check has been given to the Claudius Crozet Park of $500 for a donation from the Independence Day Celebration at the park.

These minutes were prepared by Jo Ann Z. Perkins

A Moment in Crozet History (Phil James):  Phil James introduced the members to a New View.  This New View is from the windows of the new library and looks towards the mountains.  In the foreground of the mountains is a new view of the Crozet United Methodist historic church. He gave the history of this church building and what a large building it was for its time.

Possible Drop-in visits from Albemarle County Police officer (Evening Patrol Division) As part of the new Albemarle County Police department community policing.   Police Chief Sellers introduced Matthew Saullen and Ron Lance, both officers reside in Crozet.

Presentation:  The Streetscape II project – road and sidewalk improvements to Crozet Avenue from the railroad bridge to Jarman’s Gap Road.  (Albemarle County Staff – Trevor Henry and Jack Kelsey)  Trevor Henry showed pictures of the new library and mentioned the book brigade.  The library will have its grand opening on September 28 at 10 AM.  What’s going to happen to the depot?  The county will hold meetings to get the community ideas and needs.

Jack Kelsey spoke on the Streetscape Plan and its different phases.  Most utility lines have been moved to prepare for putting the project out to bid in mid-October.  Late November is the anticipated time to award the contract for the project.  Discussion led into the different phases, sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes.  The county will create a website to help Crozet residents to track progress and what’s the plan for the following week.  The PDF of their slideshow is available on the Crozet Community Association website (http://CrozetCommunity.org).  Click here for a PDF file of the slideshow (powerpoint).

Updates and news from Board chair and our supervisor, Ann Mallek

Ann Mallek reported that the Board of Supervisors is working on the county’s Comprehensive Five Year Plan.  She encouraged all citizens to look at the different parts of the plan that particularly interests them to be sure that the plan mentions exactly what it should.  She also requested that area citizens report to her the different roads that have deteriorated so that she can report problems to VDOT in the annual road upgrade plan.

Police Chief Sellers responded to some questions about the depot becoming a police station or even a county office in the Crozet area.  Using the depot as an office has a major problem of manning it and also renovation to use.  He also spoke on GEO policing and the different phases.  This is a new type of policing to communities by connecting officers and community members.

Old Business:

  • Update on the Build Crozet Library fundraising (http://buildcrozetlibrary.org; Bill Schrader) Bill Schrader mentioned that the Book brigade is on the web and has gone worldwide.   Large corporations are giving their in kind donations now.  So far, the fundraising has raised cash of $871,000.
  • Updates from the Crozet Park and the Crozet Trails Crew (Phil Best; www.crozettrailscrew.org) Phil Best of the Trails Crew reported that the Trails Crew have constructed 6 bridges so far and have at least 2 more to do.  The day of the Arts and Craft Festival there will be a 5 K Run as a fundraiser.

Kelly Strickland reported that PARC has 800 memberships and have exceeded expectations.  Peach Tree has 400 players.  Aaron Cole has built a kiosk at the park as an Eagle Scout project and there will soon be a bulletin board describing events.  Several acres have been designated to develop a dog park.  October 23 will be the putting up the dome.  Plan to help.  Arts and Craft Festival is in need of volunteers.  Good News is that WAHS girls’ swim team finished again first in the state and the boys’ finished third.  Gators beat Fairview this summer season, the first time in 26 years!  Thanks can be given to the dome.

Jo Ann Perkins reminded that the funding for the dome and repairs at the park are all funded by the Arts and Crafts Festival.

      They were unable to attend but have at least 2 dozen in this corp.

  • Recap of Crozet Independence Day Parade, Celebration & Fireworks at the Park on July 6th.  Tim Tolson reported that after paying bills and making donations to local charitable organizations, Independence Day Celebration Fund has some funds remaining for the 2014 celebration and fireworks.

New Business:

  • Motion was raised, seconded to raise $1,000 to contribute to Crozet Library fundraising and get a leaf on the giving tree.  Per CCA bylaws, the motion was tabled for final vote at the November meeting.
  • Swing dance may happen again in February or March 2014 as a fundraiser for WARS and CVFD.   Possibly the CCA being one of the recipients.
  • Information from Albemarle County Police Department about community safety.  See above
  • Update about the environmental remediation at old Acme Visible Records plant.
    • http://www.epa.gov/reg3wcmd/ca/va/webpages/vad003124989.html
    • Public hearing on proposal for final remediation plan sometime this fall.

      Tim Tolson spoke on the demolition of two buildings and the plans to segregate the materials of the buildings so there is no other contamination and materials are recycled as much as possible.  This project should be complete by 2016.  There will be a public hearing about the remediation and demolition this fall.  Stay tuned!

Announcements –

  • Meet Ned Gallaway, our county-wide representative on the Albemarle County School Board on Monday, September 16, anytime between 7PM and 8PM at the Crozet Mudhouse.
  • 2nd Annual Crozet Culinary Competition, September 19, 2013 at the Lodge at Old Trail.  Volunteers are needed to staff the event. This year it is a fundraiser for the Crozet Arts (http://CrozetArts.org; located in this building) and the Crozet Lions Club (http://clc.avenue.org) Tickets available here tonight.  Please sign-up to help.
  • The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival coming soon, October 12-13, and will need lots of volunteers.  Signup to help at:  http://www.CrozetFestival.com   Be sure to attend.
  • The Field School’s annual Spirit Walk is October 18 and 19.  They’re looking for volunteers to help play local characters from history. Contact headmaster Todd Burnett at Todd@FieldSchoolCV.net to participate as a character.

The meeting adjourned at 9:11.

Future Agenda Items

The next CCA meeting is November 14, 2013 at 7:30 PM at the Field School Auditorium

CCA meetings are at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months
(except July).