BOS meeting Wed., 10/2 on tourism zone and volunteer firefighters

Last Thursday's Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) covered many important topic, one of which is coming up for discussion and decision by the Board of Supervisors (BOS)  this Wednesday, October 2nd at their 9:00 AM meeting. Their agenda is available online at:

They will be discussing for the second time the proposal for a Crozet Tourism Zone.  The background materials the board received on this are available at:

If you want you can sign-up to speak at the start of the meeting at:
Or if you can't make the meeting – email the Board of Supervisors at:

The CCAC discussed and made a resolution at last Thursday's meeting in support of the creation of a tourism zone. You can see their draft resolution below.
and Jim Duncan's summary of the discussion at:

And Jim Duncan, of has a short survey on the idea of a hotel in this year – you should take 5 minutes and complete his survey, it's at:

Also at this same BOS meeting on Wednesday, they will be discussing
Career Firefighters Serving as Volunteers Within the Same Jurisdiction.
This is a big issue for the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department.   Several adjacent counties allow paid firefighters to serve as volunteers at a fire station different from the one where they work.   Several Crozet volunteer fireman got full-time jobs at the new Ivy fire station and have been told they can no longer volunteer.   I know our wonderful CVFD would appreciate your support in getting the county to change their policy and allow paid firefighters to be volunteers.

I urge you to take 30 minutes – review this information and let your supervisors know your thoughts.  
These are issues that will have a day-to-day life here.  

DRAFT resolution on Tourism Zone by the CCAC