Safely dispose of old prescription and over-the-counter drugs on Saturday, October 26.

What do you do with your unused prescription pills and over-the-counter medications? Do you throw them away? Flush them down the toilet? Simply leave them in your cabinet for a rainy day?

Doing any of the above can provoke tragic consequences including enabling the drugs to get into the wrong hands or find their way into drinking water and irrigation supplies. That’s why it’s crucial to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, veterinary medications and nutritional supplements.

From a local CVS pharmacist:  As a pharmacist I am often asked how to properly and safely get rid of unneeded or out-of-date drugs.  The best way is to watch for a periodic "National Take Back" day and take them to a collection station.

Get rid of your prescription and over-the-counter drugs safely
tomorrow,  Saturday, October 26th, between 10AM and 2PM
at any of the following  locations:
   Martha Jefferson Outpatient Care Center – 595 Martha Jefferson Dr, 22911
   Albemarle County Police Department front lobby – 1600 Fifth St, 22902
   Charlottesville Police Department front lobby – 606 East Market St, 22902

Please take this opportunity to properly dispose of unneeded drugs.