Teenager attacked by dog on Crozet Park trail

Seeking information about a dog that attacked and bit a teenager on Sunday, June 7.

From email message:

Neighbors —
A co-worker’s teenage son was bitten twice in Crozet on Sunday evening by an unrestrained Rottweiler.  They live in Westhall, which is 300 yards southeast of Claudius Crozet Park.  The teen was running/exercising by himself along a trail, which is part of the Crozet Trail System, near their home.  The trail is behind (east of) Summerdean Road near a decent-sized pond/reservoir and leads in the direction of Western Ridge.  The teen and the dog simply “encountered each other” based on oncoming direction of travel.  The dog was NOT on a leash and the owner was not in sight.  The dog jumped on the teen before he could stop running.  The dog then bit the teen two times on the back side.  He then started growling worse and the teen felt he was becoming even more aggressive, when the owner came into view and called the dog off.  The bites broke skin and caused bleeding.  The owner grabbed the dog, which was still trying to aggressively attack the teen.  The teen was scared and ran off while the owner held the dog back.  The teen could not talk to the owner as the dog was still trying to attack him.  The teen felt that maybe the dog attacked him because he was running while wearing a weight vest.
The parents of this teen are urgently trying to find the dog because if they are unable to determine if the dog had rabies, the teen's physician and the Department of Health are insisting that he will have to undergo rabies treatments starting Friday, June 12.
The dog is described as a Rottweiler, weight about 90-100 lbs, black and dark brown in color, with a light brown face.
 The dog owner is female, Caucasian, approx 60 years of age, medium height, thin, with short/dark hair.
If any recipient of this message believes they know this dog/owner, please email CrozetCommunity@gmail.com  We will put you in touch with the person and promise to respect and uphold your privacy.  If you prefer, call the Animal Control Officer who is handling this case:  434-531-8608.

Update on motorized vehicles on the trails:

Thank you to everyone who has notified the Crew, the County and mostly the police about the use of 4-wheelers on the public trails. Last night, 6 folks on ATVs and dirt bikes were stopped by the police and were given a warning. The police now have their names and we have been working on making sure our signs are well posted and the language is correct in order to prosecute if needed.

Please continue to let the police know if motorized vehicles continue to use the trail between the WestHall fiberglass bridge and the Zavarych-Rozinski bridge (the public section of trail).