Crozet Safe Routes to School Sidewalk project

From Albemarle County Streetscape Updates: CROZET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TO BALLARD DRIVE

The purpose of this mostly VDOT grant-funded project is to provide safe pedestrian access from the Crozet Elementary School to Ballard Drive. Drainage improvements and a sidewalk will be constructed along the west side including a pedestrian crossing at the school entrance. The project was bid last fall and bids came in significantly over the County's budget. To move the project forward, VDOT required the design team to re-engineer the project to meet the project budget and/or find additional funds – the County has done both. A redesign to limit the impact of the existing waterline was approved in concept by both VDOT and ACSA at the end of the summer, which has reduced the cost of the project. Additional monies will also be appropriated to fill the funding gap. The formal design documents are now being revised to reflect this change and the project is back on track to bid this Fall.

The schedule of the project is as follows:
09/29/14 – Redesign Complete
10/10/14 – VDOT Review Complete
10/17/14 – Final Revisions Complete
10/21/14 – Out to Bid
11/20/14 – Bids Due
Construction is estimated to take approximately 2 months from when the contractor is issued a Notice to Proceed. Staff and the contractor will evaluate when to start construction, which could occur as soon as December or as late as early spring, depending on weather and contractor scheduling.