2014 March 13 CCA meeting minutes

Crozet Community Association (CCA) Minutes

March 13, 2014 at 7:30 PM
(As approved at May 8, 2014 meeting)
The Field School Auditorium

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Welcome:  Tim Tolson opened the meeting at 7:33, thanked everyone for being there. There were about 24 members present.

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor: Paul Grady asked to make announcement about his Ivy landfill petition, otherwise no changes.

Approval of the CCA’s last meeting's minutes (January 9, 2014):  The minutes were compiled from notes by Tim Tolson and Ann Mallek.  Phil Best made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Karl Pomeroy seconded, and they were accepted unanimously.

Treasurer's Report by Emery Taylor:  Emery Taylor could not attend, so Tim gave the report. There is $7,676.59 in the CCA checking account, most of which is earmarked for the Crozet Independence Day Celebration expenses.  Tim reminded everyone if they haven’t paid their CCA for 2014, only $10; please see him after the meeting.

A Moment in Crozet History (Phil James): (Phil James) Phil talked of what used to be in downtown in 1954.  He showed a black and white image of aerial view of downtown area that is currently subjected to Streetscape.  The 1950s era picture showed many houses and a center farm area, now gone.  Lumberyard, Tabor Street Hilltop, Main Street (now Crozet Avenue) and The Square are clearly visible. Now gone are the Lyons house, shops next to Methodist church and the Blue Goose Building, and next to Cucina del Sol, as well as between Mountainside and Cucina such as the Bank of Crozet.  Crozet Pool room’s old location later became doctor’s office (and more recently Emery Taylor’s dentistry).


Albemarle County Police Officer Andrew Gluba, the Blue Ridge Division Crime Prevention Officer.  About Community safety and preparedness.

Officer Andrew Gluba, Crime Prevention Specialist with over 20 years service in Albemarle County Police Department.  He covers the Blue Ridge District, which covers the western and southern portions of the county.

He stressed the importance of a close relationship between officers and people from the community working together in a new model “Safety groups” to replace the old defunct neighborhood watches.  Officer Gluba’s tasks include outreach (establishing a healthy collegial relationship between officers and citizen groups), education, and implementing the “geographically based” approach of surveillance and prevention through environmental design: how to adjust landscaping lighting and other approaches to deter crime. Keeping environment clean and tidy, removing spray paint, graffiti, etc. within 24 hours, and similar efforts.

He states that Crozet is the perfect place to start the new approach with established level of community spirit, puts forward the message that officers and community leaders working together.  The Crozet Safety Corp, with Jim Crosby as leader, is the first such safety group in the county and is serving as a model for others.  The policy and safety group form a team towards a shared goal of safety.

New signs as well as patrolling when problems arise work as a deterrent, as well as vigilant and alert residents. 

If you have any concerns or issues, please contact Officer Gluba.  He wants to hear it.  IF you’re not sure whom to call, call him and he’ll help it get routed to the correct person.

Captain Greg Jenkins, Blue Ridge District Commander, reported a series of car break ins over a 2 weeks time span involving 61 cars in various areas (mostly east and north of town).  They work with a county crime analyst who looks for patterns and may be able to do a predictive analysis, which then is utilized by unmarked patrols.

Message to residents: be alert and report any suspicious sounds and activities out of the ordinary.  They caught the last set of car break-in thieves because neighbors reported dogs barking late at night when they usually don’t.

Updates and news from Board chair and our supervisor, Ann Mallek

Three years of personnel changes in the police force has had results; five new recruits will join the force of 126 in July.  Recounted a ten year-old rash of house burglaries that got solved because one resident spotted an old car that was quickly spotted near a residence stocked with stolen wares.

Applications for Real estate tax relieve are available (new deadline Nov 1, renewal deadline Apr 1); new Crozet Park maps; The Virginia Festival of the Book is coming up.

Successes with the WAHS robotics team, the scholastic team (made it to the nationals later in Chicago – so has to do fundraising)

Bad news item: proliferation of illegal sign postings along the highways.  The county is cracking down on these, so consider yourself warned that there will be a $100 fine per sign. If you see such a sign, take a picture and email it to Ann and let her know where it was.  Do NOT remove such signs, or you could be liable for violating the law.  She’ll make sure Zoning takes care of it quickly.

She discussed this topic at last month’s CCAC meeting. There is a out-of-town business asking about a piece of property now zoned for residential that is on the northwest corner Rte 250 &Old Trail Drive intersection (across from WAHS).  Zoning changes can be made.  Please share with Ann and the CCAC your thoughts as to what kind of business would be desired there, if any?

Crozet Streetscape downtown: The groundbreaking is coming soon.

Jim Crosby reminded everyone of the upcoming Trash Amnesty days on Friday and Saturday at the Rivanna Solid Waste site in Ivy.  Household and automotive hazardous waste this weekend.   Other dates for other items, like tires.   Check at Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s website for these dates.

The VDOT project to re-mark the Rte 250 center lane near Harris Teeter into separate turn lanes; establishing safe zones for pedestrians crossing the road is funded for this fiscal year, so should happen by summer.   Also working on getting flashing warning signs or lights to alert drivers as they enter this area.

Question from Corey farms resident Kirsi Ide: a future traffic light? 

Ann said VDOT resists adding traffic lights to US routes such as 250 to preserve traffic flow.

Phil Best asked about rules for cars approaching people in cross walks –same as in cities?  Yes.  Problem is the higher speed of cars in this area makes it harder to see and stop for pedestrians.  He noted that the third (passing) lane on the west bound part of Rte 250 after Mechum’s River bridge invites speeding.  Changing that may help.

Old Business:

Updates from the Crozet Park (Kim Guenther, Crozet Park President)

  • Kim Gunther, the new president of Crozet Park, listed the newly elected board members. Vice-President: Melissa Miller, Secretary: Nancy Black, and Treasurer: Jo Ann Perkins. She gave an overview of structuring new committees (handouts show them). They met to outline objectives for each committee and seek participants/volunteers to support the “officers” named for each committee.
  • Karl Pomeroy asked about the “Volunteer day in the park? Kim said that Comcast picked Crozet Park as the charitable organization to sponsor on their “Comcast Cares” day. Crozet Park has labeled the day as “Pitch in at the Park” day and seeks to expand the day as a full day of volunteer activities. Date is set for April 26. Ann Mallek reminded us that this is also Fox Field day- the more reason to be in Crozet!
  • Audience member points out that Kim has infused a lot of new energy in the Crozet Park board and organization. Kim also mentioned the “joint venture” that is the partnership of two years between YMCA and Crozet Park, called the “PARC”. Their responsibility is the aquatics center and the adjacent gym. Agreement being updated and extended.
  • Kim stressed that Crozet Park is not a county park, but a privately owned community organization. It needs volunteer help (maintenance and care) and financial support from community.

Update on the Build Crozet Library fundraising (http://buildcrozetlibrary.org)

  • Tim gave an update the library fund in Bill Schrader’s absence. The fund-raising continues, to raise money for books to fill the shelves at the library. Circulation has remained consistently 70 to 80% above what it was in the old library building. That means many more books are needed.
  • Fundraiser at Fardowners Restaurant on April 14 through 16. Ten percent of your food bill will be donated to the Build Crozet library fund for more books! Additional library extra hours are still advocated for. The JMRL budget request is for $34,000 to fund the additional hours. Ann Mallek seeks input from public on the Board of Supervisor (BOS) meetings. The next meetings are on April 2 (regular board meeting) and April 8 (public hearing on the tax rate and county budget).

Planning for Annual Swing Dance fundraiser on Saturday, March 29.

  • Salute To Swing Band and beneficiaries are WARS, CVFD, and Build Crozet Library.
  • We need volunteers to help and dancers to come and enjoy the evening. Please join us! 

Update and schedule of Crozet Streetscape work,

  • from Frank Pohl (fpohl@albemarle.org; 872-4501, ext. 9-7914 or mobile: 434-466-7458.
  • New, revised office hours: Wednesdays from Noon to 1:00 PM at the Crozet Library
  • Follow status at: http://albemarle.org/CrozetStreetscape (or CrozetCommunity.org)
  • Tim reported on the Streetscape from an update from Frank Pohl. Tabor Street closing is now scheduled for Monday, March 17. It’ll be weekdays only, from 8AM to 4PM. They will put the cones and markings for the detour in place soon. The detour is from High Street through the old lumberyard and onto Library Avenue.

Other items?

  • Paul Grady reported on his petition to keep Ivy Station (Ivy Material Utilization Center, IMUC, aka Ivy landfill) for solid waste open. He’s collected 2,518 signatures to presented to the BOS! Ann Mallek mentioned the future of solid waste and a 2007 study is now available online. The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority was too busy with the water issue (Ragged Mountain Reservoir, etc.) to act on the recommendations back then.

New Business:

  • Crozet 2014 Independence Day Celebration is Saturday, July 5. Come help us plan! Tim announced the date of this year’s Independence Day celebration is Saturday, July 5. This is all-volunteer event, so please help.
  • Barnes Lumber re-development proposal by Frank Stoner/Milestone Partners. http://www.barnes-lumber.com Tim reminded folks that the proposal is available online for review and it will be on the agenda for discussion at next week’s Crozet Community Advisory Community (CCAC) meeting. Input is welcome and encouraged. Ann Mallek mentioned that online many images are viewable of how “new urbanism” could take shape.
  • Corey farm resident Kirsi Ide asked about doing a survey to see what kind of businesses people want in Crozet. Tim said that such as a survey was done about five years ago, as part of the revision of the master plan, and that should be reviewed. He’ll get it linked in on the CCA website, and email her the links.

Comments and Questions? – None at this point in the meeting.

Announcements –

  • Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting next Thursday, March 20 at 7:00 PM at The Meadows. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • Phil Best reminded everyone that the Crozet Lions Club annual Spring Clean-up Day is Saturday, March 22, 2014. Meet at the Meadows at 7:30AM. A free breakfast follows at 9AM. Anyone welcome.
  • The Crozet Lions Club annual Pancake Supper is Saturday, April 5, from 5:00 to 7:30 PM here at the Field School. They’ll be amazing jugglers, awesome raffle prizes. o The Lions Club raises money for eye and hearing care as well as high school scholarships.
  • Ann Mallek reported that all the vacancies on the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) have been filled.
  • Tim reminded everyone about the Friends of JMRL Annual Spring Book Sale, March 29 to April 6 from 10A to 7PM at Gordon Avenue Library. Details at: http://www.jmrlfriends.org The Friends provide funding for all the special programming at the libraries – evening events, children summer reading programs, the Big Read event, etc.
  • Rivanna Solid Waste Authority will hold a Household Hazardous Waste collection event on Friday, March 14, 2:00 to 6:00 pm and Saturday, March 15, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at IMUC. Details on CrozetCommunity.org website or the RSWA website: http://rswa.avenue.org/materialuctr.htm (Scroll down to find this year’s information.)
  • Mike Marshall reported that the first Catholic mass held here at the Field School was a great success, 248 attended! Next one is on Palm Sunday.
  • Eleanor VonEchan, the community liaison for Mountainside Senior Living, made a pitch for their fundraising and role in the community. Mountainside has 97 residents and 65 employees. Mountainside Senior Living is managed by JABA, a non-profit, local organization dedicated to aging care and issues. Mountainside needs funds to cover the costs of improvements to the center, such as a call bell system. There is a matching donation pledge campaign right now to match a $25,000 donation!
  • Their traditional last Friday of the month fried chicken dinner fundraiser will resume on March 28. Their first annual “Quilts for Caring” fundraising planned for November 1. The event is both an auction and dinner. L’Etoile will provide the food (the owners are Crozet residents) and local wineries will provide wines. Put it on your calendar!
    • Looking for more people for their steering committee.
    • They will have an information booth at the Crozet Arts & Crafts festival.

Future Agenda Items – None were suggested.

Tim Tolson closed the meeting at 9:12 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Ron Gaykema (acting secretary in Jo Ann Perkin’s absence.)

The next CCA meeting is May 8, 2014 at 7:30 PM at the Field School Auditorium

CCA meetings are at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months
(except July).