2012 May 10 Meeting Minutes

Crozet Community Association (CCA) Meeting
Draft Minutes

May 10, 2012 at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
The Field School Auditorium

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Welcome: Tim Tolson welcomed the 24 members present at 7:35 PM.

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor:  ReStore’N Station and the Arts and Crafts Festival were added.

Approval of last meeting's minutes (March 8, 2012): The minutes were approved on a motion by Phil Best.

Minutes:  Jo Ann Perkins prepared the minutes.

Treasurer's Report (Emery Taylor):  The balance on hand as reported by Emery is $517.62.

A Moment in Crozet History (Phil James):  Phil James showed the first history of Crozet book.  It was a 1924 Spoke of the Wheel  annual of the Crozet High School.  Actually the students in the senior section never graduated from Crozet High School.  This annual was dedicated to Paul Goodloe McIntire, who helped finance the building of the High School.  Phil shared several advertisements and interesting tidbits about life in Crozet in 1924.

Presentation:  The new Crozet Library building project!  John Halliday, Director of the Jefferson‑Madison Regional Library and Bill Schrader, chair of the Build Crozet Library fundraising committee.   John Halliday confirmed that construction will start soon and the bids have come in lower than expected several years ago.  Bill Schrader spoke on the funding of the inside of the library.  It will be divided into 12 sections. Naming opportunities exist at a variety of donation levels.  Donations of all sizes are necessary to accomplish the goal of furnishing the new Crozet/Western Albemarle Library.   Be part of the story.   The committee has a website for news and way to give online – http://buildcrozetlibrary.org 

Updates and News from our supervisor, Ann Mallek:  Ann Mallek gave the following report

  1. CCAC has lots of applications for the openings
  2. Lease law has been passed.
  3. Bed and Breakfast, of using non-attached buildings, was passed.
  4. Making progress on wineries being able to serve food.
  5. Trying to privatize parts of the Ivy Landfill is still being discussed.
  6. CSX and the parking in the square is almost complete for the streetscape to begin.
  7. May 19, Swing Dance at American Legion in Shadwell to benefit veterans.

Old Business:

    Report on the touch-up the murals in the underpass in first week of April (Meg West)

Bob Kirchman was present to discuss the mural and when it was painted.  The funding for the mural was done by community members donated money and had their names printed on the mural.  Meg West reported that the mural renovation was complete.   The CCA received $100 in donations for the supplies for the mural renovation and Bob Kirchman reported that he’d spent $100 on supplies.

    Update on transferring CCA bank account to BB&T (Emery Taylor) Emery reported that the account at Bank of America would soon be closed.   The new account at Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) has been opened and funds transferred.

    Update on Crozet Independence Day Celebration and Parade, June 30.  Volunteers needed to help with this event.  The Parade will assemble at 3 PM at Crozet Elementary and begin a 4.  Crozet Volunteer Fire Company will organize the parade again this year.  Please submit your paperwork if you plan to be in the Parade by June 1.  The Parade will end at the park and there will be food vendors and activities similar to last year.  Lock Jaw Band will play during the course of the evening.  Fireworks are planned for 9:30.

   Update on Crozet Historic District application process. Tim Tolson, Mike Marshall, and Sandy Wilcox composed a letter and sent it to all the landowners in the historic district.  They have received several donations to help pay for the historic district designation.  Ann Mallek proposed that she had monies left over from her campaign and she issued a challenges: she’ll match up to $500 in donations from landowners inside the historic district.

    Update on Jarman’s Gap Road tree-planting project (Jessica Mauzy) :  Jessica Mauzy mentioned the tree-planting project and the update with discussions with VDOT.  Then the discussion will have to be made with the individual landowners for the kind of trees.  October 21 is the date set for 20 tree plantings, as part of the Crozet Trails Day.

    Update on CCA website:  It’s live at:  http://cca.avenue.org   Tim Tolson said that it is ready to begin having information placed on the web.

     Other items:

Mary Rice reported that ReStore’N Station is on hold because of two lawsuits and awaiting the results of them.  She mentioned that a lawyer wanted the community to pressure the Board of Supervisors to re-vote the project.

New Business:   Good Neighbor Award :

Mike Marshall made the motion that Tom Loach be the recipient of this award.  Meg West seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Jo Ann Perkins made the motion that Scott Baker be the recipient of this award.  David Wayland seconded the motion.   Tim said that a community member suggested Scott, her recommendation:  He has worked SO hard this Spring to "SPIFF UP" Greenwood baseball.  He has toiled in the fields and labored on the fences – and people are commenting on how great it looks! (This was not true in past years).  Enthusiasm has picked up and the number of teams has doubled (from 2 to 4) so now it's a real "league".  And most importantly, he has tightened up the image and attitude – the kids are taking it seriously, learning a lot, getting in shape, tucking in their shirts, minding their manners – sportsmanship at its finest. He is a role model and a hero to the kids, and is quietly humble about his effortsThe motion passed unanimously.

Mike Marshall volunteered to write the commentary for Tom’s and Tim Tolson would write Scott’s with input from the person who nominated him.  These awards will be presented at June 30, Independence Day Celebration.

Other items:  Jo Ann Perkins gave an update on the construction at Claudius Crozet Park and the Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend.  There will be 124 artists at the festival!

Tom Loach mentioned that there were a few raffle tickets left for the truck raffle by the Crozet Volunteer Fire Company.

Comments:  Ann Mallek spoke on the storm water retention basins in Crozet and how beautiful they will be to the community.  They are located next to the new Animal Wellness Center.  There completion is a first step in the Streetscape II project.

Announcements –

  • Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting next Thursday, May 17, at 7:00 PM at The Meadows.   Everyone is encouraged to attend. 
  • The Lodge at Old Trail – Flag raising ceremony, 5:30 PM on May 17
    RSVP please by phone: 434 823-9100 or email: rsvp@lodgeatoldtrail.com
  • Crozet Independence Day Parade, Celebration at the Park, and Fireworks: Saturday June 30th

       Next planning committee meeting, May 15 at 7:30 at the CVFD fire house (around back).

Our next meeting is September 13, 2012 at 7:30 PM at the Field School Auditorium

Adjourned at 8:59 PM