Acme Visible Records Project Update-May 2024

Former Acme Visible Records/Former Wilson Jones Site
Currently Owned by Wilson Jones Company
5327 Three Notch’d Road
Crozet, Virginia 22932

May 16, 2024

Dear Neighbor,

This communication provides an update regarding the on-going environmental work (e.g., inspections, groundwater sampling, and groundwater corrective action activities) being conducted at the Former Acme Visible Records site (aka former Wilson Jones Company [WJC]), located at 5327 Three Notch’d Road (Site).  All investigation and remediation are proceeding pursuant to state approval and oversight through the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ).


The Site was historically operated for office equipment manufacturing. Manufacturing operations ceased at the Site in approximately 2001. Production equipment associated with the former manufacturing operations was decommissioned, demobilized and/or removed from the Site after the active operations terminated. The Site has been undergoing environmental investigation and remediation since approximately the early 1990s. The Site is currently inactive other than the on-going environmental work. The primary constituents of concern at the Site are volatile organic compounds.

Groundwater Corrective Action

Soil remediation was completed at the Site in 2019. No further active remediation of the soil is expected.

Groundwater monitoring conducted since 2019 has shown decreases in groundwater contaminants. This reflects that the source of contaminants in soil has been removed.  Further active groundwater remediation is now focused on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The groundwater contaminant area is similar in nature and extent as presented in previous reports and appears to be confined to the WJC site. 

Following in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) groundwater injections on the north side of the railroad tracks, additional injection wells were installed on the south side of the railroad tracks. Baseline groundwater sampling was conducted in February 2023.  ISCO injections were conducted on the south side of the site to address groundwater VOC impacts in May and June 2023.  Post-injection monitoring was then conducted in August 2023.  The results of the injections and post-injection sample results will be presented in the 2023 Annual Corrective Action and Groundwater Monitoring Report due to VDEQ September 1, 2024.  However, based on a review of the data collected in November 2023, the groundwater contaminant area appears to be confined to the WJC site.

Based on the analytical results from additional groundwater sampling to be conducted in April 2024, an evaluation will be conducted to determine whether additional groundwater injections are necessary and, if so, which chemical oxidants will be used.  If determined to be necessary, additional ISCO injections will likely be planned for Summer 2024. Once active remediation is complete, the Site will be subject to on-going monitoring and the institution of engineering and/or institutional controls. 

Also, WJC continues to conduct semiannual groundwater monitoring as part of the Facility’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permit, administered by VDEQ. The groundwater monitoring results are reported to VDEQ on an annual basis (September 1st).   WJC is expected to file a Uniform Environmental Covenant with VDEQ and Albemarle County in the near future to restrict use of the property to non-residential and prohibit the use of groundwater at the site for drinking water purposes. 


We hope you find this update helpful. We will provide updates concerning future on-site tasks as the groundwater remediation work progresses.

Please feel free to contact me at (703) 407-0230 or sarahhuddle at if I may be of further assistance. Wilson Jones Company is committed to working with the VDEQ and the community to complete the project and bring the property back to productive use. 

Best regards, Sarah P. Huddle, APR
Public Information Coordinator, Former Acme Visible Records site—Crozet, VA
cc: Ryan Kelly, Corrective Action Project Manager, VDEQ-Office of Remediation Programs