Review Crozet Master Plan Draft Conservation Recommendations

Review Crozet Master Plan
Draft Conservation Recommendations

Since September 2019, Albemarle County has been exploring, alongside the Crozet community, how to best reflect the community’s vision for future development in the latest update to the Crozet Master Plan. This month, we’ve focused on sharing the draft conservation recommendations that have been developed based on feedback gathered over the past 16 months.
The draft guiding principle for the Conservation chapter is to “Enhance Crozet’s natural beauty, existing natural resources, and the surrounding rural areas with an integrated network of parks and gathering spaces, trails, and greenways that support outdoor recreation and natural resources conservation.”
We invite you to share your feedback with our project team. Community feedback will be shared with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors as part of the review process. The Board of Supervisors will provide final direction and approval on the Crozet Master Plan.
Click the buttons below to read the draft or share feedback. The questionnaire will be open from February 22nd – March 10th, 2021. You may also submit your comments directly to Rachel Falkenstein, Planning Manager

View the Conservation Presentation made at the February 10, 2021 CCAC meeting
Review the materials presented by County staff at the February 10, 2021 CCAC Meeting

Share your Feedback on the Draft Conservation Recommendations

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What Is a Master Plan? 
A Master Plan is a collaboratively developed document that describes a community’s vision for future development, using text, maps, and diagrams. In Albemarle County, Master Plans are used to guide future public and private development and to coordinate and prepare more detailed plans.
Master Plan Update Process 
The public participation process for the Crozet Master Plan includes four phases:
  • Phase 1 focuses on updating the community’s vision and guiding principles that lay the foundation for the Master Plan document.
  • Phase 2 involves Focus Area Input and Design Strategies. During this phase, staff works with the community to identify specific recommendations and associated updates to maps on the topics of Character/Land Use, Connectivity/ Transportation, Conservation/ Parks & Green Systems, and Implementation.
  • Phase 3 (current phase) consists of a period of plan drafting, refinement, and endorsements.
  • Phase 4 will take the Final Master Plan Draft through public comment, public hearings, and approval processes.
Community Engagement
View the Community Engagement home for this project, available at to view previous feedback opportunities and catch up on the project’s progress to date.