Rezoning hearing for Old Dominion Village – July 29, 2020

From CCAC-Notify Email list at 3:53 PM July 29, 2020

Apologies for the very short notice, but I want to let you all know that there is a community meeting TONIGHT at 6 p.m (7/29) for ZMA2020-05, which is a rezoning application for a property near the Crozet Veterinary Care Clinic, a project named Old Dominion Village. More information, and instructions for joining the Zoom meeting, are included in the PDF (click here to view or download).
Join the virtual meeting at 

CCAC members and community members are encouraged to watch the meeting and ask questions about the project, and the meeting will be recorded. Additional questions or comments can be sent to the staff reviewer until the end of the day on August 17 if you are unable to attend tonight.

If there is interest, we can also make room for discussion at our next regularly scheduled CCAC meeting, Wednesday, August 12.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Allie Marshall Pesch
CCAC Chair

Also, more information about this project is available at