CCAC Meeting Agenda 14 December 2016


The Meadows Community Center, 5735 Meadows Drive, Crozet
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Note that this meeting is at a new location and a week earlier than usual.

Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (David Stoner – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Draft minutes of November 16, 2016 meeting)

3.  Public Informational Meeting & Discussion–Barnes Lumber Proffer Amendment to accommodate Perrone Robotics (Milestone Partners – 30 min) Click here to download draft resolution as PDF
3a. A revised draft resolution regarding the Barnes Lumber proffer amendment, redlined against the draft previously circulated (and linked above).

4. Net v. Gross Density Discussion/Resolution (All–15 min)
4a. Click here to download draft resolution as PDF

5. Update on Public Informational Meeting Format and Proffer requirements (Jon McKeon & Dave Stoner – 15 min)

6. Discuss Focus Areas Priorities (All – 45 min; Click here to download draft focus area information as PDF)
a. Park & Greenspace (Phil & Kim)
b. Economic Development (John, James, & Dave)
c. Schools (Beth, Mary, & Dean)

7.  Items not listed on the agenda

8. Announcements:

9.  Future Agenda Items

The CCAC’s role and “charter” doc’s are found here:
General CCAC info
CCAC Overview & Duties: