DCI meeting April 7, 2016

Downtown Crozet Initiative (DCI) Meeting Agenda
Thursday, April 7, 2016
Crozet Library
12 Noon – 1:30 pm
Anyone is welcome to attend.

1. Developer Update – Frank Stoner
a. Re-zoning Application
b. Other.

2. RFP Process for Civic Infrastructure – Frank Stoner
a. Scope
b. Discussion regarding process. Who is issuing the RFP? How will decisions be made?
c. Timeline

3. Funding Update
a. Grant application strategy for CCA – David Stoner
b. VHDA Planning Grant. County needs help with application.
c. Matching grants.  Can we use developer contributions for match?

4. DCI/Developer Roles Discussion
a. DCI Web Site/Blog – Should it be registered under another entity, such as the CCA? Should it be one voice or many?
b. DCI Facebook Page – Discussion on activity, admin roles and messaging
c. Current PR/Marketing for DCI – Next steps.

Printable agenda available by clicking here.

Background and current information about the Barnes Lumber property re-development are posted on the Downtown Crozet Initiative website: DowntownCrozetInitiative.com  The DCI is a sub-committee of the Crozet Community Association.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 5,  Noon to 1:30 PM at Crozet Library.
Anyone is welcome to attend