Candidates Forum – October 13, 2015

Candidates Forum, Tuesday, October 13
from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at the Field School (1408 Crozet Avenue).

Thirteen candidates for election in November, including all the at-large and White Hall district school board candidates, as well as those for countywide offices and the state House of Delegates for this area have accepted the invitation to come to the CCA-sponsored candidates forum. (see list below).

There will be a moderator to ensure fairness and time efficiency. We will start with each candidate having three minutes for opening remarks and then proceed to questions. We will start with submitted questions and then take questions from the audience. We reserve the right to moderate questions. We expect that everyone will demonstrate appropriate civility and decorum.

Submit your questions here:

House of Delegate candidates
Steve Landes
Angela Lynn

School Board at-large candidates
Jonno Alcaro
Dolly Joseph
Catherine Lochner

School Board White Hall district candidates
C.J. Hatcher
David Oberg

White Hall district supervisor candidate
Ann Mallek (unopposed)

Clerk of the Court candidates
George W. Foresman
Franklin Micciche
Debra M. Shipp
Jon Zug

Commonwealth Attorney candidates
Robert Tracci
(Denise Lunsford cannot attend tonight, but will be at EARL forum 10/15.)