2014 December 11 CCA meeting minutes 

Crozet Community Association (CCA)
Draft Meeting Minutes of the
December 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM

The Field School Auditorium

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Welcome:  Tim Tolson welcomed the 38 community members in attendance.

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor:  No changes were suggested.

Approval of the CCA’s last meeting's minutes (September 11, 2014):  Phil Best made the motion to accept the minutes as posted on the CCA website.  Jo Ann Perkins seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously as presented.

Treasurer's Report:  Emery Taylor could not be at the meeting, but sent a report that Tim presented. The CCA checking account has $2,771.32 after paying Legacy Signs for the replacement “Welcome To Crozet” sign that was stolen in August.  Tim reminded everyone that there was around $6,000 in a special Crozet Park Board account for the Independence Day celebration.

Drop-in visit from Albemarle County Police officer (Evening Patrol Division):  Officer Chiarappa and two other officers were present.  Officer Chiarappa police reported that the “Welcome to Crozet” sign that was stolen had been found recovered as part of another investigation.  Tim reported the police returned it to him the day before Thanksgiving.  Jo Ann Perkins asked if the vandalism at the park had been reported.  Suggestion from the police was to add more lights at the radio station and they will continue their patrolling the area as usual.


  • Clann Mhór and the Blue Ridge Tunnel Restoration.  (Dan Burke, Kevin Donleavy and Marjorie Maxey along with Bob Dombrowe):  An excellent slide show on the history of Irish immigrants and the building of the Crozet tunnel.  They mentioned the funding and the different phases that the funding has been projected to make the tunnel accessible to the public as a historic site.  Bob Barrett’s VCR video of Claudius Crozet and the tunnel building has been converted to DVD and is available.  A copy is in the Crozet Library.  Several books were mentioned for further knowledge.   Two websites are recommended:  http://www.clannmhor.org/clannmhor/ and http://blueridgetunnel.org/
  • They stressed that the tunnel is not open yet and to please not trespass by entering the tunnel or the phase 1 construction site on the east side.

Updates and News from Ann Mallek, our county supervisor:  Ann Mallek reported that the County is working on a five-year planning and hoping for a stable and predictable budget.  Construction around Crozet, the streetscape and the new water line, are all progressing on schedule.  VDOT and the county are working on solutions for pedestrian safety on Rte. 250 where Blue Ridge Builder Supply and Harris Teeter are. 

Old Business:

  • Updates about Claudius Crozet Park (Kim Guenther, Crozet Park President):  Kim Guenther mentioned the Christmas tree drop off times of December 26-January 8t at the park. 
    • New Year’s Eve at the Restoration Restaurant at Old Trails will donate part of the evening ticket to the park. 
    • Pints for Pups has been successful with Starr Hill and it will continue. 
    • Perimeter Trail was number one of the community survey and the Park is trying to fund this project. 
    • Parking Improvement at the park is being addressed as quickly as possible. 
    • In January, Nana Corley of the Park Board will present a program on being on 501(c)( 3) board and what it really means.  More information about the date and time to come later.
    • Bob Dumbrowe reminded everyone that Crozet Park is not a county park, it is our community park, owned and operated by the Crozet Park Board and supported and funded by our contributions of time and funds.
  • Update on the Build Crozet Library fundraising (http://buildcrozetlibrary.org). Bill Schrader spoke on the success of the library and the help that Tom Loach, Tim Tolson, Ann Mallek, and the whole Crozet community to make the library happen.  Books continue to needed to be purchased, so fundraising for books continues.  Everything has been beyond expectations.  This past September circulation of materials (books, DVDs, etc.) increased 13% over September 2013, the new library’s first month of operation.  Over 2,300 new library cards have been issued at the new library since it opened 16 months ago.  Special exam study time had been reported in two national publications on what the librarians did for the students.
  • Update on Barnes Lumber re-development proposal by Frank Stoner/Milestone Partners? http://www.barnes-lumber.com: No update.   Plan to attend the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, as it’s on their agenda to discuss.   Past meeting minutes and agenda of the CCAC are posted to the CCA website at: http://crozetcommunity.org/ccac-info/
  • RECOVERED:  The ACPD recovered the "Welcome to Crozet" sign that was stolen from near RWSA treatment plant on Rte. 240 (Three Notch'd Road) (thank you!) However, not before we had already replaced it. Now we have an extra one!
  • Motion was made by Jo Ann Perkins and seconded by Mike Marshall at our last meeting to reimburse Tim Tolson $375 for the purchase of the magnetic Crozet emblems (as invoiced).   Per our bylaws, it was tabled. Phil Best made a motion that we reimburse Tim for these emblems.  Ann Mallek seconded the motion.  It was unanimously approved.

Revision of bylaws regarding voting on motions.  Here are the proposed revisions to the bylaws as discussed at our last meeting.  (Current wording is on the last page of this agenda.  Thanks and acknowledgement to Jim Crosby for his assistance with the wording of these articles.)
At our last meeting (September 11, 2014) a motion was made by Jo Ann Perkins and seconded by Mike Marshall to amend our bylaws to allow the CCA to conduct general business and related motions at one meeting while retaining the requirement to approve a motion at one meeting and adopt it at the next meeting for major topics and bylaw changes.  In addition, our bylaws ought to include what constitutes a quorum and using Robert's Rules of Order to govern the meetings.

The revised Articles VI and VII and new articles VIII and IX were presented as follows:

  • Article VI: Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or these Bylaws may be proposed at any scheduled CCA meeting.  Upon majority vote of approval, such proposed amendment must be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled CCA meeting for a final majority vote for adoption.  Such adoption shall become effective at the subsequent scheduled meeting following adoption.
  • Article VII: Motions made at a scheduled meeting in the conduct of the general business shall be voted upon and moved for adoption by a majority vote of those present. Motions on new matters or topics of general community interest or impact made at a scheduled meeting may be presented at any scheduled CCA meeting.  Upon majority vote of approval, such proposed amendment must be placed on the agenda of the next scheduled CCA meeting for a final majority vote for adoption. The context of the motion will be communicated in the meeting minutes of the meeting in which it is presented and noted as being presented for vote of adoption at the next subsequent meeting. 
  • New Article VIII:  A quorum of 10 percent of the members who are current in their dues shall be required to conduct business at any meeting of the CCA.
  • New Article IX:  Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the CCA conduct of meetings where they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.
  • Tim pointed out that we need to be clear in the use of our language – there is a distinction being made here between approval and adoption of a motion.  As discussed at our September meeting:
    • Motions regarding the general business of the CCA (e.g., Good Neighbor Awards, Crozet Emblem stickers purchase) made be approved and adopted at the same meeting in which they are made. 
    • Motions to amend the bylaws or regarding larger community issues, (e.g., to support the Crozet Master Plan) may be approved at one meeting, but then must wait for a vote to adopt at the next scheduled CCA meeting.  So such a motion, after the first meeting may be said to be "approved, but not yet adopted".
  • Phil Best made the motion that the revised Articles VI and VII and the new Articles VIII and IX be approved as presented and Lisa Goehler seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously and these four articles are adopted as new bylaws of the CCA.

New Business:

  • Tim reminded everyone that election of CCA officers occurs at our next meeting, January 8, 2015.  Nominations are open for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Current officers are: President: Tim Tolson, Vice-President: Lisa Goehler, Secretary: Jo Ann Perkins, and Treasurer: Emery Taylor.  Candidates must be present at the January 8 meeting or have spoken with a current officer about their willingness to serve if elected.   Anyone who wishes to be an officer may speak to any of the present officers prior to the January meeting.
    • Tim bought up an issue he uncovered while reviewing the bylaws.  Article II concerns when elections are held.  Currently the second sentence of Article II says: Majority approval by attendees at the final meeting of the calendar year will constitute election.  However, our practice for many years has been to hold elections on the first meeting of the year.   Therefore Tim suggested that Article II be revised to say: (bolded italics indicates revision, otherwise it as currently worded) (Current wording of Article II is on the last page of the agenda and the minutes.)
      • Article II: Officers will be elected for a one-year term, commencing on the first meeting of the calendar year immediately following their election. Positions will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Candidates must be present at the election or have spoken with a current officer about their willingness to serve if elected. Majority approval by attendees at the first meeting of the calendar year will constitute election.  Duties of the officers shall be as implied by their titles. All officers shall be responsible for keeping accurate records.  
    • Phil Best made the motion and Lisa Goehler seconded the motion that Article II as presented be approved for adoption at the January meeting.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Announcements –  

  • Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting is next Wednesday, December 17 at 7:00 PM at the Crozet Library. NOTE the new day of the week (Third Wednesday) and location (Crozet Library). Everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • Join the Crozet Trails Crew (CTC) this Saturday, Dec. 13 starting at 9:30 AM, at the lower Westhall trail (go straight into Westhall, past Summerdean on your left, until you see the big dirt pile and a road stub on your left. That's the top of the trail.). CTC will bring tools, but wear sturdy shoes and work gloves.

Future Agenda Items

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM


These minutes were prepared by Jo Ann Z. Perkins


The next CCA meeting is January 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM at the Field School Auditorium

CCA meetings are at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months
(except July).