Claudius Crozet Park Master Planning Survey

The Claudius Crozet Park (CCP) is a 22-acre community park located in the heart of Crozet.

As a community owned and operated park since its inception in 1958, the Park relies heavily on a broad base of volunteers and partners from across the community.

Over the next three months, the Claudius Crozet Park Board of Directors is coordinating an update to the Park’s master plan. The master plan establishes the vision for the many ways community members use the Park. This update will guide Park development efforts over the next five years. In order to tie future Park development to community needs, we are conducting a community-wide survey. This survey will take about ten minutes of your time and your answers are anonymous. Each household member may submit a survey. Survey results will be published on the Crozet Park’s website this summer.

As a community park, your insights and input are both necessary and extremely valuable. Please follow this link to take the survey:

The survey will be open until June 15th.