New rash of vehicle break-ins

Captian Greg Jenkins, Albemarle County Police Department's Blue Ridge District Commander (western albemarle is in the ACPD Blue Ridge district) emailed to say, "we have experienced another rash of vehicle break-ins during the past week. Last week the suspects hit the east side of the county, Sunday into Monday morning they hit the south side of the county and again last night the eastside and north side. " Click here for a copy of the press release sent out today. 

"We ask that everyone be diligent in locking their vehicles or remove all valuables and to please call the police if they hear car alarms going off and see suspicious people in their neighborhoods late at night."
"We are taking proactive measures in an attempt to apprehend these suspect(s) by conducting plains clothes operations, unmarked vehicle patrols and foot patrols."

The CCA suggests you contact the Crozet Safety Corps about getting your neighborhoold involved in this important crime prevention and emergency preparedness group.