LEAP Energy Check-up

A reminder that the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)’s certified Building Analysts will be Crozet January 13-17 as part of LEAP’s participation in an instant-rebate Energy Efficiency Program sponsored by Dominion Virginia Power.

So act quickly – this offer is valid for January 13-17! 
Visit http://www.leap-va.org/checkup

And when you sign-up there is field for indicating whether a homeowner is part of a fundraiser. It's a large box underneath where check-up times are selected (click here for a picture). Please put in "Crozet Community Association" and the CCA will get a $10 donation from the $45 check-up cost!

From there, click on our online scheduler, navigate to the your Crozet location, and pick a coach, day, and time that works for you!

LEAP's Home Energy Check-up includes directly installing free CFLs, smart strips for your electronics (not the same as power strips), pipe wrap for your water heater if it is electric, and other energy saving improvements. The visit takes about an hour and a half, and for that time, your LEAP Building Analyst will be your personal energy coach. They will help you identify your home’s top priorities for saving energy and offer LEAP's expertise for staying warm this winter.

LEAP's shared goal with Dominion is to help you reach a savings of at least 1000 kilowatt hours which translates to about $100 annually. These savings, combined with free energy efficient products and LEAP’s professional advice are all part of a package that helps LEAP further its non-profit mission to educate homeowners and to install energy efficient technologies in buildings. The cost of the visit is only $45, and you can pay by cash or check at the time of the visit.

If you’ve already had or are scheduled for a Home Energy Check-up, please consider forwarding this email to a friend or neighbor.