VDOT to Begin Brush Spraying in Albemarle County on August 26, 2013

VDOT to Begin Brush Spraying in Albemarle County on August 26, 2013
Krenite S used to control vegetation on highway right of way; "opt-out" provision announced
The Virginia Department of Transportation will begin spraying Krenite S to control brush on its right of way along state-maintained roads in Albemarle County. The herbicide will be applied on the following primary and secondary roads between August 26 and September 27: 

  • Route 29 from the Greene County line to the Nelson County line
  • Route 600 from Route 20 to Route 641
  • Route 615 from Route 231 to the Louisa County line
  • Route 616 from Route 250 to the Fluvanna County line
  • Route 643 from Route 649 to Route 29
  • Route 648 from Route 22 to the dead end
  • Route 640 from Route 231 to Route 22
  • Route 692 from Route 712 to Route 29
  • Route 712 from Route 20 to Route 760
  • Route 800 from Route 6 to the Nelson County line
  • Route 842 from Route 616 to the dead end

Krenite S is different in its effect from most other brush control chemicals. Vegetation sprayed does not usually show any immediate effects such as browning and dieback, nor is the entire plant killed.  Those limbs that are sprayed do not produce foliage the following spring, leaving the remainder of the plant unaffected.

Krenite S will not be applied on VDOT right of way that fronts residential yards, lawns and planted landscapes.  Property owners who object to the application on right of way that is not covered by these automatic exclusions may call VDOT's Customer Service Center, 800-367-7623. The center is open 24 hours a day for motorists to report road hazards, ask transportation questions, or get information related to Virginia's roads.  For other news announcements from VDOT, visit www.virginiadot.org/newsroom/culpeper.