Build Crozet Library special blend of coffee!

This Sunday, October 21, between Noon and 4PM stop by the MudHouse on the Square

Whether you're coming to or from the Crozet Park for the Crozet Trails Day tree planting events stop by the MudHouse and be the first of your friends to buy the new Build Crozet Library special blend of coffee that is available for sale now.   The MudHouse is now roasting their own beans and they've partnered with the Build Crozet Library fundraising committee to create this special blend.

Sit back, taste the coffee, have some of Margot's incredible baked goods (she just won the Cville PieFest),
register a child for the caramel apple workshop, buy some books from Over the Moon Bookstore,
enjoy music performed by local musicians, and buy a couple of bags of coffee beans to take home.

Every pound of Build Crozet Library coffee beans sold will generate a $2 donation toward the books, computers, chairs, and everything else we need to purchase for the new Crozet library. Just think.  If everyone on this distribution list sent this to five other people, and every one of those people ran down to Mudhouse and bought a pound of coffee this week, the good folk at Mudhouse would be sending a thousand dollar
check to the Build Crozet Library fund!  So help celebrate this great news.
Come out and join us for a party at Crozet MudHouse this Sunday, October 21st, 12 – 4 pm.