Updates on Crozet Projects

Crozet Projects Update

Trevor Henry, Albemarle County Director of Facilities Development, provided a PDF document of updates on Crozet projects at the August 16, 2012 meeting of the Crozet Community Advisory Council and emailed updates for that document to the CCA on September 13, 2012.

Below is a text version and the full PDF is available by clicking here: http://cca.avenue.org/?attachment_id=417

Library Building:
  * Groundbreaking Ceremony Held June 26, 2012   
  * Construction Underway
  * Site cleared
  * First Level excavation complete
  * First level foundations and retaining wall nearing completion   
  * Anticipate 12 months construction

  * Storm pipe installation in Crozet Ave – Approximate start date 8/22 (one lane closure at a time, up to two weeks to complete).
    – Some storm sewer work late this week (around 9/20) through 9/28.
    – The extended time is a result of discovering a fiber line that was not on the plans or marked.  
     (Map and details on this website below this posting)

  * Occasional work on frontage area that encroaches into Crozet Ave – into Fall   
  * Occasional noise, but generally reasonable level

Storm water Management Project:
  * Major earthwork and initial wetland seeding complete
  * Additional seeding and soil stabilization in progress now
  * Project delay due to pre-fabricated bridge components; 3 bridges are installed across channel.
  * Final plantings , project completion: this Fall 2012

“Streetscape”  Project:  
  *  “Library  Avenue  (formerly called Main Street) and Alley Improvements”
     – This phase of the project is complete with exception of acceptance into the state.  As-builts have been submitted to VDOT & ACSA
  *  Utility Relocation
     – All Utility easements have been obtained. CenturyLink completed their plan update and estimate.    
         Dominion Virginia Power’s (DVP) plan revisions are in  progress.
         DVP  and   CenturyLink are revising their plans,
         Due to an alignment change generated by the Claudius Center site plan, both DVP and CenturyLink have to adjust their plans.
         DVP has completed their revised plan and cost estimates and CenturyLink should finish by end of September.
         The Claudius Center Developer is responsible to provide the DVP and CenturyLink easements needed.
     – Utility Critical Path for Streetscape:
       – DVP updates plans & cost for the relocation agreement; County issue a NTP
       – CenturyLink updates plans & cost for relocation; County issue NTP
     – Send DVP plans to Comcast so they can update their relocation estimate
     – Anticipate Notice to Proceed (NTP) issued by end of September and work started in Sept, with relocation to commence within 30 days of NTP.

  * Crozet Ave design – Remaining right-of-way/easement dedications:
     – Three properties still outstanding for completion of acquiring all easements, one is with property owner for signature. The second is tied to negotiating a shared access agreement between two adjacent property owners.This is critical path on the project and county staff are working to resolve final issues to achieve acceptance of the shared entrance agreement and signature of easements. The parties have agreed in principle to establishing an escrow for maintenance and are in the process of determining a reasonable amount for annual escrow payment, which appears to be the last issue. Once resolved the agreement will be revised a final draft reviewed by the parties.
     – The Design Consultant is in the process of finalizing the construction plans. We expect a final plan by mid-September.

Over all Milestone Schedule:
     – Utility relocation complete – Sept
     – Acquisition of remaining easements (3) – Sept/Oct
     – Submission of Plans/Specs to VDOT for final approval – Oct      
     – Revisions/Updates – Oct/Nov
     – Advertise – December
     – Negotiations/Award to lowest Bidder – First Quarter 2013

Crozet  North  Sidewalk  – Safe  Routes  to  School”  Project:
  *  Project will provide a “Cross  Alert” pedestrian crossing at Crozet Elementary School and  
      new curb and sidewalk on west side of Rte 810 to Ballard Drive.
      The plan has been revised to incorporate comments from impacted property owner.
      The right-of-way & temporary construction easement changes are being made to the Plat.
      Other plan revisions to address VDOT comments are in progress. A fall advertisement is planned.

  * CSX Parcel:
    – Property transfer to the County has been completed.

  * Crozet Plaza:
    – No changes since the last update.

PDF version available by clicking here.